Scientism-Genesis and Progression of Disease
(Stages of Disease)

A living person is a combination of mind, body, and the vital force that is driving his daily activity.

The following table presents the genesis and progression of the disease with inherent dynamic and pathophysiological changes that take place in the body, at each stage, till the end

Disease Pathophysiology Clinical picture / Dynamic changes
Health No Complaints The Harmonious functioning of Vital Energy
Causation / Predisposition Heredity, Past Diseases, Mental /Physical trauma, Emotional Disturbance, Pollution, Poisoning, Drugs, Unhealthy climate, Contagious diseases, Improper food, exercise, rest or sleep The Memory of the harmful event persists in the Vital energy even if the patient has apparently recovered
Homeopathy can be employed
Exciting Factor Any Exciting Factor Like Physical or Mental Insult can trigger the onset of disease Deranged Vitality and Health / Abnormal feelings, Characteristic features
Onset of Disease Early Pathology Abnormal Sensations and functions Signs and Symptoms
Progression of Disease Microscopic / Macroscopic changes in the affected organ / System Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis of Disease Possible
Allopathy can be employed
Advanced Disease Particular organ and system seriously affected Signs and Symptoms
Complicated Disease Neighboring organs and systems and Mind also affected Signs and Symptoms + Characteristic features disappear
Death Inactive body No features of life