We are the Inventors of Dynamised Auto Haemotherapy (DATH)

Dr.G.Subhash Chandar, MBBS, FCGP, MF Hom, founder of the organization had invented a novel and highly useful therapeutic concept called DAHT that has helped us immensely in the successful management of many viral diseases and epidemics both among human beings and animals. The process has also yielded good results in the treatment of Poisoning cases. A treatise on the subject was carried by homeopathic magazines and the news appeared in certain daily newspapers. Some national scientific organizations like the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy(CCRH) were also informed about the novel concept.

Dynamised Auto Haemotherapy (DAHT)

Logical evaluation of new concept/invention for its credibility and importance

1 Is it True Audiovisual evidence, case sheets & testimonials available Yes
2 Is it Good Yes
3 Is it Safe Yes
4 Is it Useful Yes
5 Is it Novel Yes
6 Is it Important Yes
7 Is it reproducible Yes