These cured cases have been displayed here solely to benefit those difficult patients who are depressed and helpless after trying all available treatments.

  • It is the facts, results and the premises but not the empty reasoning,that help in coming to a logical conclusion about new things
  • If you know something useful to the society and if you don’t put it to practice, it is a great burden
  • It is no good being the effective therapist, if you don’t tell the others that your therapy exists

Best opportunity

Best opportunity for the hopeless sick who have tried many available therapies without any satisfactory recovery and are left to suffer with no option but to live with the disease. The results are unique, highly useful, and much needed to the suffering humanity.Positive results are our strength.Most of the diseases treated are difficult diseases without any promising hope of recovery.

Acute emergency cases are treated in Acute Medical Care units with the knowledge and cooperation of experts in modern medicine. Sometimes we take help of some other alternative medical therapies. This kind of therapeutic practice is called “Integrated Health Care”.

Innovative and Different

Dr. Subhash Chandar is the inventor of a novel therapeutic approach called “Dynamised Auto Haemo Therapy” (DAHT).It can be treated as a novel and highly useful development of existing Nosode therapy in Homoeopathy. It is highly useful in containing the morbidity and mortality of viral epidemics / diseases both among human beings and animals.

Similarly, at NLHC, we take help of different contemporary homoeopathic therapeutic practices besides the classical homeopathic approach. There is immense potential in homeopathy, for innovative ideas and to work differently, to achieve better results.Sometimes we take help of some other alternative medical therapies.

Incredible but True

The following are a few difficult diseases that recovered/got cured with the treatment given by our centre. Most of them visited many experts of the particular speciality, but in vain, before coming to our centre. There was no significant relief with their treatment and the disease was said to be incurable in many instances.

Such helpless patients got cured / recovered to a large extent with our treatment. It is a strange and unbelievable experience for them.Laboratory evidence of the disease and the recovery of certain cases has been preserved for presentation here as a testimony.Seeing is believing.


Successful recovery of such difficult and hopeless diseases with homoeopathy is naturally an incredible development for the suffering humanity and the medical profession alike.


But the so called recovery or cure is true because;

  • cases are true but not bogus as certain people could doubt.They were diagnosed and confirmed by experts. There is laboratory evidence of the disease.They suffered for long periods despite being under the care of different specialists of the related fields.
  • The same disease has been now relieved / cured after a course of homoeopathic treatment at our centre.
  • There is laboratory evidence of cure, where possible, in certain cases.


(True stories of strange recoveries of some chronic, difficult and hopeless cases)

Bone &joint BRAIN - CNS ENT General Lung-Respiratory Liver-GIT Kidney - Urinary Heart,CVS Blood Viral Diseases
Backache, Sciatica Behavioural Disorder Menieres syndrome Leukoderma(White patches) Asthmatic Bronchitis, Recurrent Cold, Cough Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, Chronic liver disease Kidney failure Second Heart Attack Blood Cancer Chikungunya Epidemic
Cervical spondylosis Injury to Spine with Urinary Retention Chronic Fever of Six Months Pain Abdomen-Severe Heart Failure Chikungunya Acute Attack
Cervical Spondylosis - Severe Leak of Brain Fluid Sore Mouth Varicose Veins Chikungunya Fever
Disc prolapse-Sciatica Mental Retardation-1 Chikungunya at Mancherial
Lumbar Spondylosis Mental Retardation-2 Dengue Fever -Serious
Lumbago, Sciatica Paralysis with Diabetes-1 Dengue Fever -2
Injury to spine Paralysis with Diabetes-2 Dengue Fever -3,4
Injury to Spine with urinary retention Paralysis with Diabetes- Old Case 1 Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis
Injury to knee Paralysis Old Case -2
Osteoarthritis of knee Ptosis
Osteoarthritis of knee
Rheumatic Fever-1
Rheumatic Fever-2
Rheumatoid arthritis
Severe Backache
Severe lumbago
TB of Spine


Scientific logic to evaluate the claim of a successful therapeutic effect in a disease eg Epidemic of Chikungunya in the year 2006

Whether the so called disease is a case of Chikungunya Yes
Whether the disease (Chikungunya) has epidemic features and whether the local epidemic coincides with the features and time of occurrence in other areas Yes
What is the duration of suffering Few weeks to months and years
Whether it has any known cure or prevention in any system of medicine No knowledge
What was the type of medicine, given how long and if it has any side effects nosode prepared from blood ,No side effects
When was the therapeutic effect perceived Fever subsided in one day. Joint Pains in 2-4 days
Whether the recovery is smooth and lasting Yes
Whether there was any recurrence of the suffering No
Number of people treated 86
Number of people recovered 86
Whether the recovery is uniform in all the people Yes, Uniform
Whether the effect is repeatable in the same disease or other viral diseases Yes, treated other viral diseases successfully
Whether there was any preventive role / benefit Yes, School students were given a preventive dose -successfully
What is the fate of people who did not take this treatment? The fever subsided in few days but severe pains persisted for months
Whether they belonged to the same epidemic and same location with same features Yes
What was the diagnosis given by the other qualified doctors? Chikungunya
What was the treatment taken by the majority? Allopathy
How was the recovery with their treatment? No lasting relief,severe pains persisted

Conclusion from the above

Dynamised Auto Haemo Therapy was curative in all the Chikungunya patients with uniform response of recovery from fever in one day and from joint pains in 2-4 days.

Biased Logic of a Common Man

  • Millions of people are dying every year from dangerous viral epidemics throughout the world. There is no drug to cure the viral diseases anywhere in the world. No scientist has ever hinted any such possibility in the near future, it is a difficult task to imagine a cure scientifically.
  • Homeopathy itself is not a scientific therapy. It is not accepted by the majority and is not credited with such great results.

This false logic is ruling supreme in their minds over their divine conscience and the sense of sight and hearing. And thus leads them to ignore the truth of recovery. It makes them suspect the claims of others and hence they donot care to examine the truth

They want to fool their senses despite provision of sufficient favorable evidence of cure with DAHT One cannot ignore the highly useful results for the sake of old false belief.