Homeopathic Practice @ New Life Homeo Care

Homeopathy aims at treating the person with the disease (Patient) but not just the disease alone ignoring the person. Besides the disease, the patient is also studied in toto including his peculiar features.

For this reason, in homeopathic practice, the prescription given by one expert for a certain patient may not be similar to that given by other practitioners for the same patient.

Homeopathic therapeutic principles are common to any practitioner and patient but the ultimate therapy is not common or uniform to any disease or patient, it all depends on the perception, outlook, logic, and integrity of the practitioner.

Requirements of a Successful Homeopathic Practitioner
1 Knowledge of different therapeutic practices in Homeopathy
2 Knowledge of Pathophysiology and Modern Medicine
3 Knowledge of Bioenergies and the Dynamic aspects of Matter / Drug
4 Knowledge of Human Psychology
5 He / She should be a regular reader of Literature
6 He should possess qualities like Innovative, Result oriented, Hardworking, Open-minded, Patient Hearing, Logical reasoning, and analysis.
7 He should be able to integrate with other therapies where needed