We accept patients with chronic and difficult diseases who are hopeless and helpless even after trying many experts in different therapies.Positive results are our strength.

The treatment at New Life is innovative, success oriented, dependable and patient friendly. The specialised homeopathic care at our center encompasses the study of various therapeutic applications that can be considered in the choice of therapy for a safe, fast and lasting recovery in the diseased person.

The success rate at our center is very high as our search for a remedy is different and multipronged and the therapeutic planning involves the knowledge and study of the following subjects / factors

1 Characteristic Similimum
2 Constitutional treatment
3 Causations
4 Pathophysiology
5 Psychology
6 Past diseases
7 Obstacles to cure
8 Tautopathy for drug diseases
9 Family History
10 Rare medicines
11 Integrated health care While treating difficult /acute emergency cases homeopathy is integrated with modern medicine with the knowledge and cooperation of experts in corporate hospitals
12 Our own concept Dynamised Auto haemotherapy(DAHT).
13 Better understanding about the natural energy forces of in the maintenance of health, causation of disease, and process of recovery
14 Periodic follow up and scientific evaluation of therapeutic success
15 Continuing Medical Education and learning about the amazing cures in homeopathy at the hands of leading experts.
16 Counselling of the patient and his family through health education to avoid any unhealthy habits and occupations
17 Understanding various therapeutic practices in homeopathy in regard to their successes, failures and limitations
18 Sometimes taking help of some successful health practices in alternative medicine


Dr.G.Subhash Chandar, MBBS, FCGP, MF Hom, founder of the organization had invented a novel and highly useful therapeutic concept called DAHT that has helped us immensely in the successful management of many viral diseases and epidemics both among human beings and animals. The process has also yielded good results in the treatment of Poisoning cases. A treatise on the subject was carried by homeopathic magazines and the news appeared in certain daily newspapers. Some national scientific organizations like Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Central Council for Research in Homeopathy(CCRH) were also informed about the novel concept.

Dynamised Auto Haemotherapy (DAHT).

Logical evaluation of new concept / invention for its credibility and importance

1 Is it True Audiovisual evidence, case sheets & testimonials available Yes
2 Is it Good Yes
3 Is it Safe Yes
4 Is it Useful Yes
5 Is it Novel Yes
6 Is it Important Yes
7 Is it reproducible Yes


Homeopathy aims at treating the person with disease (Patient) but not just the disease alone ignoring the person. Besides the disease, the patient is also studied in toto including his peculiar features.

For this reason, in homeopathic practice, the prescription given by one expert for a certain patient may not be similar to that given by other practitioner for the same patient.

Homeopathic therapeutic principles are common to any practitioner and patient but the ultimate therapy is not common or uniform to any disease or patient, it all depends on the perception, outlook, logic and the integrity of the practitioner.

Requirements of a Successful Homeopathic practitioner

1 Knowledge of different therapeutic practices in Homeopathy
2 Knowledge of Pathophysiology and Modern Medicine
3 Knowledge of Bioenergies and the Dynamic aspects of Matter / Drug
4 Knowledge of Human Psychology
5 He / She should be a regular reader of Literature
6 He should possess the qualities like Innovative, Result oriented, Hardworking, Open minded, Patient Hearing, Logical reasoning and analysis.
7 He should be able to integrate with other therapies where needed


A living person is a combination of mind, body and the vital Force that is driving his daily activity.

The following table presents the genesis and progression of disease with inherent dynamic and pathophysiological changes that take place in the body, at each stage, till the end

Disease Pathophysiology Clinical picture / Dynamic changes
Health No Complaints Harmonious functioning of Vital Energy
Causation / Predisposition Heredity, Past Diseases, Mental /Physical trauma, Emotional Disturbance, Pollution, Poisoning, Drugs, Unhealthy climate, Contagious diseases, Improper food, exercise, rest or sleep Memory of the harmful event persists in the Vital energy even if the patient has apparently recovered
Homeopathy can be employed
Exciting Factor Any Exciting Factor Like Physical or Mental Insult can trigger the onset of disease Deranged Vitality and Health / Abnormal feelings, Characteristic features
Onset of Disease Early Pathology Abnormal Sensations and functions Signs and Symptoms
Progression of Disease Microscopic / Macroscopic changes in the affected organ / System Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis of Disease Possible
Allopathy can be employed
Advanced Disease Particular organ and system seriously affected Signs and Symptoms
Complicated Disease Neighbouring organs and systems and Mind also affected Signs and Symptoms + Characteristic features disappear
Death Inactive body No features of life