Dr.Subhash Chandar, founder member of NLHC

He is a busy and popular physician practising medicine since 1973. He was attracted towards Homeopathy inspired by some interesting cures achieved by homeopathic experts.

He obtained MF Hom degree from internationally renowned and prestigious homeopathic institute called “Faculty of Homeopathy” of Great Britain. He has been in the field of Homeopathy during the past 25 years and credited with many successful achievements. He is dedicated ,open minded and hard working and his work is innovative and dependable .He is highly successful in his clinical practice and has successfully treated many chronic and difficult diseases who could not get any relief at the hands of experts in other fields. Sometimes he integrates the homeopathic treatment with other therapies like modern medicine where needed.

Innumerable number of testimonials given by recovered patients are presented here .They speak about his efficiency and professional excellence.