At NLHC, we accept and treat patients suffering from difficult diseases

At New Life Homeo Care we accept and treat chronic patients, suffering from difficult diseases whose condition is hopeless and helpless despite visiting many leading experts of different systems.They are a sort of given up or discarded patients whose clinical state seems to be incurable.

The results are safe, rapid and curative in the majority of these difficult patients. Positive results are our strength.

We are highly successful in the treatment of many such given up cases. Like our novel and highly useful concept DAHT,our therapeutic approach is also different and the results are safe, rapid and curative in the majority of these difficult patients.They are evidence based.This can be treated as a unique feature of our centre.

Chief Objective

The chief objective of our practice at NLHC is to provide peace and happiness by restoring health to the difficult to treat patients through our therapeutic excellence

Incredible but True

Our strategy at NLHC is to innovate, to excel and to constantly strive something still better. We are credited with many unique and interesting cures of such given up cases. The results seem to be unbelievable but true, they are displayed as testimonials under the subject called “Incredible but True”.

  • If you know something useful to the society and if you don’t put it to practice, it is a great burden
  • It is no good being the effective therapist, if you don’t tell the others that your therapy exists

“A Real New Life”

The professional therapeutic care at our centre provides “ a real new life” to these chronic sufferers as they often find it astonishing to witness a great positive change.

New Hope to the Hopeless

We are happy that we are able to empower our patients to lead a healthier lifestyle following our therapy. We ensure New Hope to the Hopeless.

We attribute the success to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy, for showing the world a new and real path of cure for diseases.

Innovative, Dependable and Patient Friendly

The treatment at New Life is innovative, success oriented, dependable and patient friendly. The specialised homeopathic care at our centre encompasses the study of various therapeutic applications that can be considered in the choice of therapy for a safe, fast and lasting recovery in the diseased person.

The success rate at our centre is very high as our search for a remedy is different and multipronged and the therapeutic planning involves the knowledge and study of the following subjects / factors

1 Characteristic Similimum
2 Constitutional treatment
3 Causations
4 Pathophysiology
5 Psychology
6 Past diseases
7 Obstacles to cure
8 Dynamised Auto Haemo Therapy,our novel concept, in the treatment of Viral diseases and Exogenous toxic States
9 Family History
10 Rare medicines
11 Tautopathy for drug diseases
12 Taking help of certain effective alternative therapies
13 Integration,where needed, with modern medicine in the management of acute cases in Intensive Care Units of corporate hospitals.
14 Modification of Life Style including occupation and habits
15 Healthy food habits
16 Counselling for the patient and the family
17 Exploring the benefits and limitations in various other contemporary therapeutic practices of homeopathy
18 Study of amazing cures recorded by homeopathic experts including participation in CME meets
19 Periodic scientific evaluation of therapeutic successes
20 Better understanding about the natural forces in the causation of Disease, Maintenance of Health and Process of Recovery

Dynamised Auto Haemo Therapy (DAHT)

Dr.G.Subhash Chandar, MBBS, FCGP, MF Hom, founder of the organization had invented a novel and highly useful therapeutic concept called DAHT that has helped us immensely in the successful management of many viral diseases and epidemics both among human beings and animals. The process has also yielded good results in the treatment of Poisoning cases. A treatise on the subject was carried by homeopathic magazines and the news appeared in certain daily newspapers. Some national scientific organizations like Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) were also informed about the novel concept.

Logical considerations relating to its importance and acceptance

  • It is the facts, results and the premises but not the empty reasoning that help in coming to a logical conclusion about new things.
  • If you know something useful to the society and if you don’t put it to practice, it is a great burden.
  • It is no good being the effective therapist, if you don’t tell the others that your therapy exists.
  • Failure to appreciate a phenomenon does not mean that the phenomenon does not exist.
  • As scientists our approach should be, not to try to fit the evidence into existing theories but to examine the evidence and then produce some theories consistent with that evidence.
  • For a patient, it is the therapeutic result but not the type of therapy that counts most.